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R​eynolds ​Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers

Expert breeders of family-friendly shorty jacks

Shorty Jacks in La Jara, Colorado

Reynolds Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers is a dog breeder of shorty jacks in La Jara, Colorado. We breed, sell, and ship our puppies across the United States at the best prices. We have been in the dog breeding business for more than 10 years and promote Jack Russell Terriers and English Jack Russell Terriers.

Our puppies are well taken care of. We have four kids to play and become best friends with them. We live on a cattle ranch in Southern Colorado, and our dogs have lots of lands to run and play on.

About Our Shorty Jacks

At Reynolds Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers, our mission is to produce the best quality Jack Russell dogs. Our shorty jacks are smooth coat, extremely lovable, and loyal. They are all pure-bred and registered with English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance Registry.

R​eynolds ​Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers
R​eynolds ​Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers

About the Bloodline

We are careful about the health history of our parents, the nutrition of all the dogs, and the puppies' health. It is a beautiful experience to bring the joy of new life into the new homes of caring people. We give careful attention to every detail of your new family member.


At Reynolds Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers, we ship our puppies nationwide.  Fees Depend on location.  

R​eynolds ​Shorty Jack Russsell Terriers

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